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Wedding: Jackie + Chris // Isla Mujeres Mexico Wedding Photographer

Jackie and Chris’s Isla de Mujeres, Mexico Wedding was one of the most intense weddings we’ve ever been to… in the best way.  Sketchy Mexican taxis, groomsmen arriving to the ceremony by boat, tequila shots in lieu of champagne toasts, and (holy crap) fire dancers.  And I could keep going. This was the wedding that made me fall in love with destination weddings, and I can’t get enough.  Photography in new places helps us stay freshly creative, and hanging out on the little three mile island of Isla de Mujeres just outside of Cancun, Mexico wasn’t too bad either.  It’s also my personal opinion that it’s a free ticket to get a little wilder than you would at a typical wedding.  Anyways, enjoy our photos of the best Mexican fiesta I’ve ever experienced!

Black & Hue Photography in Isla de Mujeres, Mexico.